Rojana Bowin1 Industrial Park

     Rojana Bowin Industrial Park is a brand-new industrial park built on two important transportation routes along the east coast of Thailand. The main customers in the park are the automobile manufacturing and accessory industries. The railway from Northeast Thailand to Marptaput port to be constructed in Thailand It will also pass through the Rojana Bowin Industrial Park, which will bring great transportation convenience and advantages. Bowin will form an important logistics center.


Traffic map of Rojana Bowin1 Industrial Park
25 kilometers away from Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port
Located at the junction of Highway 331, the main traffic route in eastern of Thailand
Mutual exemption of tariffs in the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA)
Enjoy ASEAN and ASEAN 10+3 tariff concessions
One-stop service
Completed infrastructure facilities (water, electricity, natural gas supply, sewage treatment)
Located in the heart of the city network of Chonburi-Pattaya

Shops and apartments are lined up to enjoy urbanization services

Park position


Sriracha County, Chonburi Province


North Latitude 13.070999
East Latitude 101.111565

Park Area

Development area 1,500 rai


Laem Chabang
Deep Sea Port


Pattaya City


Map Ta Phut deep sea port


Chonburi City


International Airport


Downtown Bangkok



Electricity supply

The Provincial Electricity Administration (PEA) set up 2 substations in the park,
totaling 800,000 kilowatts, which can transmit 22 KV and 115 KV

Water supply

1. Water supply from the Prachinburi Water Conservancy Project

2. Self-built reservoir in the park: 2.8 million cubic meters of reserves

The total water supply is 23,000 cubic meters per day,
and the standard water supply is 7 cubic meters per day

Sewage treatment

Sewage treatment plant treatment capacity 18,000 cubic meters per day

(Note: The total amount of sewage treatment is calculated
based on 80% of the total water supply)

Natural Gas supply

Supplied by Thai Gas Company

Telecom Network

Adopted high-speed ADSL, ISDN network,
the supplier provides Thai telecommunications
Company TOT, TT&T or CAT.

rights and interests

Security Medical

1. Government hospitals provide healthcare services

2. Central monitoring system, security personnel on duty 24 hours patrol

3. Laying high-pressure fire hydrants in the park

-3 to 8 years of corporate income tax exemption

-Exemption of import duties on equipment and raw materials

-Allow foreign investors 100% ownership of the company

-Allow foreign businessmen to permanently hold and freely transfer

land title deeds

-Allow the employment of foreign experts and skilled workers

-Allow foreign exchange to enter and exit freely



Enterprises settled in Rojana Bowin1 Industrial Park

At present, approximately 30 well-known enterprises such as Canadian Solar Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Yintian Machinery, Taiwan Dibao Auto Lamp, Hong Kong Huayuan Chuangzhan, Thailand VS Chemical, Guangdong Donghong Paper Co., Ltd. have settled in.